We reserve the right to select at our sole discretion the sites we include in the directory. We also reserve the right to reword submitted descriptions.

Important Note: Creche Directory is for quality early childhood sites only.

means it's a real website, not just a page of ads or affiliate links
early childhood
means it's directly related to young children.

The language of Creche Directory is English. This means that your description must be real English sentences not just strings of keywords and without every keyword given a capital letter.

Please use American spelling in USA specific categories and English spelling in other country specific categories. Categories that are not country specific can be in either spelling. This is not strictly enforced, but please be aware that the owner of the site is a native speaker of Commonwealth English and will tend to correct US spelling when found in non-USA national categories and not even notice if English spelling is used in the USA categories.

Sites that fail to meet these criteria or are submitted in the wrong category will be deleted on sight. Don't waste your time and ours submitting them.